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Re: Does Budo require a sense of shame?

Hello Camilla,

Lots of good points.

Who determines if it is demonstrated? Everyone in the dojo. It's a dynamic process.
Do students generally profess their intent...? In our dojo they do.
Do I really believe we can learn DO in the dojo? For sure, I've seen it happen quite a lot over the past 40 years of teaching. Why couldn't it be learned in a dojo where it happens? I get lots of feedback about how people change their lives outside the dojo. It's one reason they stay. I agree that the intimacy in a dojo can be intimidating and some people don't stay. It's the way of things. Of course there are some people that stay because they recognize things that they like and are familiar with. Some make the commitment to train and then leave for many reasons. We teach everyone in ways that allow for growth and support along with the "dilemma rich environment." If people stay, it's because they like what they're learning and want more. There're many ways to learn from the dojo experience. Everyone takes what they need at the time. As long as everyone gives a good attack and takes care of their partner not only in physical training but also the mutual respect of reiho they're welcome in our dojo.

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