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Re: Does Budo require a sense of shame?

"Demonstrated" sticks a bit; who determines if it is demonstrated, and if so how succesfully? Does the student? Does someone else? Does it not involve a certain distance to Reality to evaluate or study something?
Do students generally profess their intent with their training when they join a dojo?
Also, do you really believe we can learn "DO" in the dojo? That how we relate to other people off the mat will change as a result of training? Or do we bring it in when we join? That could be one of the reasons why it can be so difficult to hold on to people. The sheer level of physical intimacy can be daunting for some to overcome. Do we overcome it because we learn to, or because we joined with the intent to overcome it? A bit of sophistery, perhaps. Perhaps years of intense training can bring about change in any personality that age and other developments are neutral to. I just think there might be room to assume that some people are attracted to aikido and stay with it because it mirrors the way they like to relate to people? The raw material is there, so to speak. How you process it is what makes for different types of dojos. Some may require a level of investment that some people are unable to make because of other priorities. Should you not still teach them to their potential?
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