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Re: testing

Nick Simpson wrote:
In my experiance, the examiner wants to see you screw up. Then they want to see how you react to that and if you can recover the technique/turn it into another one or otherwise keep on top. Your attitude during this is obviously important too, its no good looking like you screwed up and being annoyed with yourself. You have to look like you meant to do that and that nothing can bother you.
I would concur, too. I recently watched a friend take his shodan test. He did an excellent job throughout, and then it came to the randori at the end. It was obvious that he was out of breath, that the will to keep going with 3 (might have been 4) ukes attacking him was in danger of slipping away, but he kept going, the other dojo members chanting his name and encouraging him to put in the last drop of technique he had left. He perservered and got through it. Looking back, the sensei was pacing the test so that the student would still have enough energy to survive, but would be pushed to his limit. I also went through a similar thing in Judo, where the shodan test was 5 hours, with 5 minute breaks every hour. Everyone was exhausted, and I do not know how we got through randori and shiai at the end. The sensei testing us told us afterwards that he was looking for correct form, technique and control at all points during the test, especially at the end, when things can go to pieces. Boy, was that a long day!
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