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Re: Does Budo require a sense of shame?

David Valadez wrote:
From this point of view, the comedy in this scenario comes from having one's ignorance, and/or the attachment to one's own delusion regarding the covering up of that ignorance, exposed. The comedy comes from having one's false sense of reality come up against Reality with a capital "R."
In my dojo we call this "showing each other the mirror." It's often quite humorous, while always trying our best to be as gentle as possible and compassionate. We're all human and in the same boat... trying to learn and grow while sharing in our budo practice and our lives. Whatever we learn, it is not real until it is demonstrated in our relationships. Theory and talk is cheap. We must have the courage to show our real selves in the dilemma rich environment of the dojo. Eventually, at some point in the practice, our dojo is wherever we are at the moment.

Learning principles and techniques amounts to "jutsu" and the way we use the discipline of the practice introspectively and the way we get along with our fellow man is "DO".

This is what I've learned from my teachers, sempai, and my own practice. Your way may be different or we may use different terms, etc. but the practice that involves seishin tanren is the key. It's a recognizable quality in anyone who trains in this manner.

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