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Adam Alexander
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Re: Aikido vs....

Kevin, I'd like to think that's it's not "pontification."

But, on the "higher points": I think the levels that are always described by people who've been uke for those people..."just when I was about to make contact," "this time I thought I had him," "it was like floating in the air," "He always had his balance"...those types of levels.

There's occasions in your training where something happens and it seems so perfect that you know it must be "it".

Regarding Rules: Take it at face-value...assume that which hasn't been mentioned.

Regarding the "C" student: Sure. Then we all should shut off our computers.

Rob: It's where motion is rooted in an advancing movement (could be the case with backing up too...I don't know yet.). Sure, you've got the toe and ball to the floor, but you don't add the ankle (an unnecessary joint) for forward-motion unification.

Honestly guys, I'm not trying to be rude about any of that. It's all serious stuff to me...worth sincere discussion.
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