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Re: Aikido vs....

Jean wrote:
[/quote] Do you think the greats of Aikido could be taken down consistently by the greats of BJJ? (serious question)[quote]

In what rules? what would be the parameters? You have to establish this up front. You pick the rules...and don't say "no rules". cause I'd say the guy who seizes the advantage first, has a superior weapon, or has buddies.

If you are talking empty hand, defined boundaries...only two dudes...well then that is a different story. One we may never know sense we have never seen (or I haven't) a guy who professes to be pure aikido climb into a ring with a BJJ guy or MMA guy. We have plenty of BJJ guys that have...but no aikido guys.

Jean I really don't understand your pontification about the "higher points" of the arts. From your post I'd say you are not all that qualified to judge the "higher points"...(nor am I)....btw...what are the higher points...can you define them? Better yet...can you demonstrate them?

Plenty of us can get on here and talk about the "higher points" theory is great...that is why we have educators in academa....but it is "C" students that usually go out in the real world and put it into practice...I'd like to be able to do both...but if I had a choice...i'd rather be a well rounded "C" student.

In all seriousness...I'd love to have a discussion on what the "higher points" of aikido or MA are. How do we know when we get there? What happens to us once we reach there?
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