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Re: Aikido vs....

Michael Fooks wrote:
Can you explain what you mean here a bit further? I'm a little unsure, because no form of Aiki will work without proper body unification, be it Aikido style aiki or bjj style aiki. So perhaps I've misunderstood?.
I'd say that if there's no unification, it's not Aikido (this applies to another topic where I misused Aikido also.). However, I learned hand work before I learned body work (unification). So, although I'd agree with you that what I do on the ground is not Aikido (if body isn't unified), it's the result of Aikido training and therefore makes the point that I'm going for.

As far as the hand work goes, I've never really felt that techniques were taught "hand connected to feet" or "hand connected to hip connected to feet." I've always felt that it was "hand in relation to chest"...then the rest gets connected. (Actually, reading "Aikido Exercises for Training and Teaching" confirmed this just today in Yoshinkan...atleast that's my interpretation of what it meant.) So, for me when you say,"Once you're on the ground you can't step (obviously). You need to shrimp, cut, hip escape, reverse shrimp, base switch etc." I respond, that's not a problem, my first understanding of my body, via Aikido, is how my hand position related to my body.

Further, in Aikido, I've learned an incredible amount about my knees, elbows, hips, and the rest of my body as they individually relate to my body.

Keep in mind, again, I'm not saying that an Aikidoka could walk off the street into a BJJ or JJ dojo and start smashing their top students. I'm just saying the basics are there.

However, your issue with what I'm saying is the speed at which you pick up the arts. I don't have an argument against that. If you want to learn some ground stuff, I can't say that you wouldn't benefit from some cross-training (If I knew everything, I'd even say it was beneficial).

However, because you didn't respond to my "walking through water" post, I'm wondering what your position is on it. I'm wondering if you've never experienced a real technique--in either role?

The way you described a technique (being where uke is heading) compared to mine, brings me to interpret that you haven't experienced it, where as I, describe what it feels like to muscle it.

I sincerely do not intend this as an attack. I'm just saying that if that's the case, maybe cross-training has done you a disservice. Possible?

Another thing, in the one post, I clearly mention the heel. Do you know what the heel means to unification in Aikido? I don't know what it means to BJJ, but it's major for us as Aikidoka. If cross-training has done you so well, how is it that you missed it?

Honestly, I'm not trying to be a ****...but I'm totally confused.

After ten plus years, is it possible that splitting your attention has prevented you from reaching the high levels of either art?

Do you think the greats of Aikido could be taken down consistently by the greats of BJJ? (serious question)

That's all for now.

BTW, that last post, definitely true. I was more just talking smack. However, you may want to consider your own advice and be cautious about what you post. On a less pleasant day, I'd of been offended
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