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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Aikido vs....

Hi Rob...apples and oranges I think. The major innovations in BJJ (my opinion only) are these (as opposed to traditional judo newaza):

The idea of positional dominance
The sophisticated use of transitions from one position to another and one submission to another
Non-jacketted as well as jacketted wrestling
some added sophistication in chokes

Its not about the type of body skill I believe you are refering to...kokyu and what not. I believe highly trained atheletes tap into parts of that sort of thing naturally...but its not the same kind of total approach someone like Mike S., for example, is talking about.

As to sophistication, BJJ seems very sophisticated to me. Its not all the bruiser, beat 'em up sport that it gets portrayed as. If it was, some of the Gracie standard bearers would be getting whooped, not whooping others.


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