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Ai symbol

Hi Mariko,

I like your response. You've given me a bit to think about.

I have "The Secrets of Aikido" by John Stevens and it tells about Shojo-Bo and the band of Tengu. It is things like this that I am referring to. I believe that O-sensei had this ability to perceive things that the "normal" person were unable to. As far as I've read, great Aikidoka like Rinjiro Shirata were there during these fights with the Tengu and saw nothing.

I think your quote from Lao Tzu clarifies a lot, while raising other questions which I will contemplate on. I too believe that Aikido is everywhere and everything. I often equate the phrase Aiki with the Taoist symbol of the Yin/Yang - Harmony of Energy or Complementary Opposites, which to me defines the basic composition of who we are and the universe itself.

I thank you for your contribution.

One question though...

Is what is "normal" defined by us as individuals, defined for us by our society and circumstance or by something else?

And in that case, is "normal" a relative thing based on perception?

Masakatsu Agatsu

--Mushin Mugamae - No Mind No Posture. He who is possessed by nothing possesses everything.--
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