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Jean de Rochefort wrote:
Geeze, I just reread that description...and now I'm confused.
Yeah, like I say I think this is all but impossible to do over the net. On the one hand there's confusion as to what people describe, on the other there's the issue of "oh but you'd just" which can go on ad infinitum. Be sure and let us know how your BJJ trip goes though.


Haaaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaa. ROTFLMAO (I've never, ever used that, this is the first time it's fitting.).
Well actually I think you're both being a little silly here. I don't think Aikido is any harder to acquire than BJJ or vice versa. For both all you need is a good sensei/coach, and the willingnes to practice. If I had a newbie come to me and say they wanted to start a martial art and which would be easier to do BJJ or Aikido I'd say give me another criteria to choose from because that's a wash.
Now BJJ will give you street ready Self Defence quicker but that's a different topic (and I actually think Aikido gives you very valuable skills much quicker than it's given credit for if you can convince people not to go technique hunting).
Aikido will give you other things.
But in terms of which one is more accessible to your average jo to start learning - six of one half a dozen of the other imo
in Aikido will not only have the physical ability...but, most likely, be significantly more intelligent due to Aikido's cerebral demand...You know what I mean, right? It's not just memorizing techniques and muscling through them that teaches's a little more complex than that.
Jean this is why you put people's backs up. You have never trained a day of BJJ in your life, but here you are claiming Aikidoka are more cerebral, that BJJ is all muscle and not complex. You couldn't be more wrong. If anyone came on and made those sort of assumptions about Aikido having only seen the clip of it on tv, you'd be rightfully p$@sssed at them.
I think you've got good intentions, but you really need to understand you don't have experience in a lot of the things you are making assumptions about. So better to listen to people that have that experience and maybe give them a modicum of respect.

"When your only tool is a hammer every problem starts to look like a nail"
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