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Charles Hill
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Re: What Makes a Technique an "Aikido" Technique?

Bratzo Barrena wrote:
Haven't you hurt stories of O'sensei sending his uke's to the hospital from an aikido demonstration? what, O'sensei wasn't doing aikido or the ukes weren't paying attention or weren't skillful enough and got hurt?.
Hi Bratzo,

The one story that exists of O'Sensei hurting someone during a demonstration was before WW2, when the art was called Aiki-budo or Daito Ryu. One of the ukes wasn't paying attention. O'Sensei was quite ill and the uke let his guard down and got hurt when O'Sensei threw him with the normal amount of power. The other uke, Gozo Shioda had to take ukemi for the rest of the demo. O'Sensei said that he wasn't doing true Aikido until near the end of his life. At that point his technique had become gentle in comparison. Terry Dobson in his book, "It's A Lot Like Dancing," writes that the Founder was "way beyond pile-driver technique" in his old age.

I have heard that the Founder said that an Aikido technique is one that is true, good, and beautiful. Now I just have to figure out what the heck that means.

Charles Hill
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