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Re: Aikido vs....

Michael Fooks wrote:
1)maybe some sort of ikkyo?

2)You raise a good point, what Jean's post does contain is alot of arm movements and nothing about the hips and feet,
Geeze, I just reread that description...and now I'm confused.

1)Yeah, something of an ikkyo. The bending uke's elbow would definitely be the objective. However, for the wrist portion, that seems optional...sankyo might be a better choice depending on how uke moves. But, in either case, you need to break the balance with the elbow.

2)It's in there...buried...but it's in there. I mention using the heel of the side opposite the direction uke should be heading.

From that perspective, the involvement of hips...and unification that I didn't realize cake.

For me, in this situation, the other leg would stay wrapped around prevent uke's leg from spreading out to improve his balance.

Give me a link to a picture of something, and we'll try it that way.

On the subject of uke striking and moving, etc. Agreed, but, isnt' that like walking into an Aikido class, seeing a technique and saying,"Yeah, but I'd never hit someone like that. It will not work."?

I'm offering an example within a very small frame. No doubt, if uke were different, my response would be

Further, on "if you can hit, you can be hit": No doubt. However, I think the significance of the strike isn't to do damage (of course, catching a choice point with even a light strike would be nice) but redirect attention momentarily. Further, by getting the hand in between there, seems like it would give you a shield against uke's left for a brief moment.

On another note...

Roy Leclair wrote:
Aikido is a MA that really almost anybody can do, and do well.
Haaaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaa. ROTFLMAO (I've never, ever used that, this is the first time it's fitting.).

Now I get it...You've never trained. You're a BJJer who's been hypnotized by the delusions of UFCs (No kidding...what's up with the BJJ books and the "greatest art ever?" How stupid is that?).

Here you go Roy...another tip: Read "Dynamic Aikido" by Kancho Shioda (thanks for the correction Boon). And, "Principals of Aikido" by the Second Doshu (Is that how it's said?).

Sure, anyone can "do it well." However, not in the same sense you're using "well" in comparison to BJJ. The person who does "well" (in the sense you're using it for BJJ) in Aikido will also do "well" in BJJ. In fact, the person who reaches high levels of "wellness" in Aikido will not only have the physical ability...but, most likely, be significantly more intelligent due to Aikido's cerebral demand...You know what I mean, right? It's not just memorizing techniques and muscling through them that teaches's a little more complex than that.

Oh my, LOL, keep them coming troll.

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