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mariko nakamura
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The divine teachings of life

Hi Larry, nice to meet you.
Im sorry to say I have no idea what O'sensei was talking about.(Do you know that he use to battle withthe Tengu in the woods?) Tengu are spirits that live in the woods and are considered to be divine teachers. Shojo-bo who was the king of the tengu possesed the secrets of the sword, etc.
These are things that normal people dont generally do, right? So,If were all normal people(fairly normal) I dont think we could grasp this meaning of your statement.
However, in our dojo, Aikido has nothing to do with learning how to fight really. Its just a vehicle we use to learn the way of life. People say that its not a religion and I agree with that. But I do have to say that Aikido is spirituality and nothing more. Maybe other people won't agree and I can do nothing about this. Every dojo is different and this is Japan. Here, anything that is budo is spiritual.
So what was the question exactally? Aikido is everything man!! There is nothing that exists that isnt Aikido. So yes! I use my Aikido all day long. Even right now sitting at this computer maintaining my center, breathing correctly, one point one center, musubi!! Masakatsu Agatsu right? Harmonize yourself with the heart of things and find salvation right inside your own body and soul.

"One may move so well that a footprint never shows, speak so well that the tongue never slips, reckon so well that no counter is needed, Seal an entrance so tight,though using no lock, that it cant be opened, Bind a hold so firm, though using no cord, that it cannot be untied.
And these are the traits not only of a sound man, but of many a man thought to be unsound."
Lao Tzu

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