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Re: testing

Jorge Garcia wrote:
Pretty good Nick. My hardest test was 5th kyu. I was scared, under pressure and in a daze when I did it. I have always seen my third kyu as a benchmark as well because of the number of techniques and their difficulty. I still remember how hard I prepared for suwariwaza katatetori kaitenage, uchi and soto omote and ura. On my shodan, I was excited because I knew I was close to something important. When it was over, I felt like crying because emotionally, I had put a lot into the time and effort it took to get there. I remembered all the times in my first dojo where our little group couldn't pay the rent and how we would all meet in the office, and empty out our pockets until we came up with what we were short to make each months rent. We had a sempai but no Sensei. I recalled all the suffering I endured from another instructor I had who didn't' like me but I persevered refusing to let him take aikido away from me. I remembered when our dojo was broke and they said we weren't going to be able to bring our shihan from Japan so I privately emptied out my savings account and gave $1000 to pay for his plane fare.A lot of emotions came flooding inside of me because getting to shodan for me didn't come easy.
Thanks for sharing that Jorge. Nice to hear something like that

Our dojo starts at 6th kyu also, but at hombu they only recognise 5th kyu. 6th kyu here is really just a qausi-test to get you used to the nerves etc etc.

I was terrified before my 6th kyu. Wasnt too bad in hindsight, didnts step through on kaitennage and I put the wrong knee up on the yonkyo pin.

5th kyu was much better. Was still nervous as I hadnt tested in front of the dojo head on a course before. Did pretty good and got a 4th kyu test straight after too which I also passed. Mucked up Jo Suburi 7-10.

3rd kyu was a bit annoying as I believed I was ready and had trained a hell of a lot for it, only to be paired with an unco-operative uke. Was pretty angry about that for a while. Still passed but good ego training more than anything.

2nd kyu was easy as I was over-prepared for it. Got told not to do so many 'dangerous techniques' so that irked me a little too. No mistakes made on this one. Unco-operative uke not a problem this time. Had to leave the dojo afterwards to calm down.

(more ego-training needed, obviously )

Getting ready for first kyu in september now. Looking forward to it after a pretty disasterous year in aikido for me, but I am of course still very worried about what will happen on the day. I know I can do it, but Im a bit of a perfectionist. Anyways, we will see on the day...

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