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I have trained in dojos that regularly have over forty students a night and ones that average only five. I have also trained where each student has the same partner for the entire night, and ones where you change partners after every technique demonstrated. I have also trained where there are lots of high ranking students and where there are none.

My personal preference is a larger dojo, with lots of high ranking students, where you train with the same partner throughout the whole class. I found that my chances to learn were increased, but I still was able to focus on technique each night without having to learn a new uke each technique. I trained with a wide variety of uke over time, but the chance to focus each night was preferable to me.

However, if it came down to it, I would rather have small classes with a disproportionate number of shodan and higher, than a large class with mainly white belts. Increases the level and intensity of my training...

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