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Applying Aikido principles to Spiritual Warfare

It's possible that many of you are wondering what this thread is all about.

I'm merely attempting to get some insights into the deeper psycho-spiritual aspects of Aikido.

O-sensei had a saying - If you master the Divine techniques of Aikido, no one will dare to challenge you.

In light of this, and the recent rise in popularity of things like witchcraft and other "metaphysical" concepts, I was wondering if anyone out there had to use their Aikido principles, techniques or mindsets in the situation of a purely psychological or even spiritual attack from someone who has "drifted from the way" or is experimenting with these sorts of metaphysical concepts.

What exactly are these "divine techniques of Aikido?"

This is of course, provided you even believe in the existence of these things to begin with.

Please share any views you may have.

Hope I don't sound like a nut case.

Masakatsu Agatsu

--Mushin Mugamae - No Mind No Posture. He who is possessed by nothing possesses everything.--
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