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Re: "blocking" with japanese sword

ok so flat will break or bend if passively blocked. (as in just putting it there and waiting for an impact rigidly instead of intercepting it, slowing it down, the concept told in (warning! obscure quote!) Mighty Ducks: "soft hands" heehee I knew I'd find a practical use of that quote someday ) gotcha !
And thanks Keith you're helpin me out. I appreciate it (well not sure if you were supporting me or not, but I still learned somethin from your testing stuff) did you guys ever try blade against flat? just wondering..
oh yes nother question: is the katana's flat somewhat rigid or flexible (if you shake it a little horizontally blade down, does it even wobble a bit? or is that those cheap ones?)? (cause if it was a little more flexible then it would give a little in any impact (though yeah passive blocking not being a good idea in any case cause the person can always strike at you again)
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