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Keith Larman
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Re: "blocking" with japanese sword

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
well, Jodo guys do it every day

Thanks a lot for most interesting post! I would love to see a result of a test where shinken cuts a jo, when jo is turned along axle in the moment of impact. I saw one day such block, I'm really confused.
You mean the jo rotating along it's long axis? There is no way on God's good earth I could have rotated it fast enough with a full force cut by "Big" Tony. The moment of impact is so fast and with a significant draw if done correctly. If I could rotate it that fast it would likely be flying out of my hands from the force of the sword's strike. The first time we did it the pain in my wrists was very real. We didn't strike at full force but the impact was strong. That took a massive chunk out. The next time we both swung at full force. For the briefest moment I thought we'd managed to miss -- but no, the top 1/4 of the jo was simply gone.

I won't say it's impossible to block with a wood jo, but with a committed, powerful cut by a talented swordsman... I'd have serious doubts what you could possibly do short of trying to deflect the angle. Anything going into the edge is going to get cut. Turning the jo might just help the cut more...

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