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Re: What Makes a Technique an "Aikido" Technique?

A feint is an attack that stops just short of its presumed target. A feint becomes a real attack simply by entering. QED.

More seriously:

If maai is correct, and I was in range to be struck, the difference between a feint and a real attack is usually not significant, especially if I do not not become wedded to the following paradigm:

"Cool! I get to do the kaitennage to the shomenuchi ... oops, its a maegiri. OUCH"

I have practiced something similar to this where a shomenuchi is a preparatory attack to a roundhouse to the ribs on the other side. I found that an initial ikkyo turns into a really nifty irimi koshinage right there.

Combinations are excellent practice.

Also, if I am not minded to attack in the first place, it is harder to draw me out, and if I am calmly aware instead focused, I am more mindful of maai and less likely to preceive a feint as a true threat.

"Drawing out" is an attempt to create suki, I might add.

Erick Mead
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