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Well the reason I thought this wasn't a fruitful path was because I'm not quite sure what Jean is envisioning, maybe some sort of ikkyo? The lack of clarity is not his fault, it's just hard to do this stuff online.
From a BJJ point of view sure you want to disrupt balance and sweep, or uncross your ankles and play open guard. In both of these instances what is crucial is the use of the feet and the "hooks" (the part of your leg where it curves into your foot). You raise a good point, what Jean's post does contain is alot of arm movements and nothing about the hips and feet, which is what you need to be using to really be effective on the ground. I suspect that while he was doing whatever with his hands he'd end up uncrossing his legs but not doing anything with them and get passed immediately. Just a hunch, like I say you really need to be on the mat to have this conversation properly.

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