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Jean de Rochefort wrote:
Hell of a post. I can't respond to all today. I'd rather take one topic (or a couple quick ones) at a time, complete it and then move on. Does that work?
Seems sensible

I'm not saying that you are...but I get the impression that you're changing subjects--slightly. The question, I think, is can you...not how long.
Well it comes back to my point of theoretically possible but practicly so unlikely as to perhaps never happen, amounting to the same thing.
I mean if the time it takes is 120 yearrs does that affect the question of whether you can.
Let me clarify what I said. I don't mean that after years of trainng Aikido maybe someone will come up with something that looks like BJJ. I'm saying take two experienced aikidoka, and have them spend years in isolation just fighting on the ground (not doing standard aikido) and maybe, maybe they'll arrive at some similar stuff. I mean it must be posssible because someone else came up with it in the first place. But it would take such a long time, and still be so low percentage as to make the exercise ridiculous when, as I say, someone down the road could cover off with you what you "invent" in those years in a day and do it better.

It's not in front of me now, but the first recollection of the top of my head is...

Black is in guard (on his back with his legs around White). White is pressing both hands on lapelle. It's the first move of the book. It's a demo of how to go from gaurd to being on top.

In the postion of Black, the first thing I think is that it calls for a shoulder-grasp, first-control. Black strikes White's face. Striking hand grips the same (R-R, L-L). Opposing hand comes under to break arm's position (and also further breaking uke's balance with was resting on those arms) with the first. The heel on the same side of the first-controlled (?) acts as the base from which to send uke over.

By the look of it, sh'te could maybe hook uke's leg and get some momentum to bring himself up to as uke goes over.
Well first of all Ron's right, trading blows with someone in your guard is a bad idea. Secondly they'll either have their head in your chest were you can't deliver any power, or they'll be postured up. If postured up they'll have one hand on your chest and the other on your hips. Your chest is pinned so you can't sit up (say for a choke), your hips so you can't swivel (for armbars). There are of course ways aroun this (winning the grips war) but atemi isn't one of them.
But it's clear to me that this track is going to be of limited use. It's nigh on impossible to have these types of discussion online, you really need to be on the mat with each other, so my bad. Let's call this one a dead end, at least until you actually get to play with some BJJers and pick up some of the other points.

"When your only tool is a hammer every problem starts to look like a nail"
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