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Re: Aikido vs....

I have been out of town for past couple of days. Just perused throught this thread.

Here is a thought. You really have to think hard about the dynamics/situation of the fight you are developing.

I cover this alot with my guys in Army Combatives, which is predominately BJJ right now for us.

If I approach the situation from an a civilian aiki standpoint, I don't want to engage uke. I will use footwork and distance/timing to keep him/them away and get to the door and escape. I try not to grapple at all and avoid the fight all together. It forces the fighter to close distance and hopefully go off balance. I will use tables/chairs, door ways, other people to avoid the situation.

If I am setting up a scenario where I am suprised, tackled, or overwhelmed...and cannot control things, or if I am approaching uke to apprehend and he is fighting..well that presents a totally different dynamic. I will always try and keep distance, irimi/ preference is for back control as in irimi nage...not go to the ground. However, if I go to the ground/clinch...then things are back to BJJ again.

I like having both skill sets.

As far as combining techniques and pictures in books and stuff...I can see parallells in both BJJ and Aikido...I see no difference principal wise. Where things differ is in philsophy and strategy in most cases.

Sure I can find the aiki technique in every BJJ technique and how you can counter it..what is your point Jean?

It is not aikido vs.... to me..but aikid is the same as.
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