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Re: Aikido vs....

Hell of a post. I can't respond to all today. I'd rather take one topic (or a couple quick ones) at a time, complete it and then move on. Does that work?

Michael Fooks wrote:
The problem is no one can. Because it takes alot of experience to understand the energy flow in that context - it's quite different to standing. *maybe* after years of trying two pure Aikidoka may come up with similar techniques - but again, why take years for something someone can show you in a class
I'm not saying that you are...but I get the impression that you're changing subjects--slightly. The question, I think, is can you...not how long.

Michael Fooks wrote:
Ok this is sounding interesting. Can you give an example. The book should tell you what the BJJ term is for the position they are in, if you could explain what you think your solution to that position is, it might help us understand what you mean.
It's not in front of me now, but the first recollection of the top of my head is...

Black is in guard (on his back with his legs around White). White is pressing both hands on lapelle. It's the first move of the book. It's a demo of how to go from gaurd to being on top.

In the postion of Black, the first thing I think is that it calls for a shoulder-grasp, first-control. Black strikes White's face. Striking hand grips the same (R-R, L-L). Opposing hand comes under to break arm's position (and also further breaking uke's balance with was resting on those arms) with the first. The heel on the same side of the first-controlled (?) acts as the base from which to send uke over.

By the look of it, sh'te could maybe hook uke's leg and get some momentum to bring himself up to as uke goes over.
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