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You're going to get at least one person suggesting that you go and find out for yourself followed by some dojos in your area to try and the odd seminar.. so be warned.

Simple answer is, it's not really any different if by training with you mean in a dojo setting rather than a seminar/demo. Even the larger dojos normally only hit between 20-40 on the mat at any one time, if you train regularly you'll just see the same faces anyway so the sense of unfamiliarity will go away, which is what I felt you were alluding to.

I'll agree and disagree with Mark concerning learning more. Certainly, you can focus more on what you need with a smaller group and if your training vigorously, it's more tiring (more ukes = more time to catch breath I find). However, I prefer at least a reasonable spread of people to practice with in a night as I believe it allows you a better test of how well you're actually doing to technique(s) - but that's just me.
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