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Re: Does Budo require a sense of shame?

I don't have any real particular argument with "shame" being okay when someone applies it to themself for motivation. However, I go swimming to get wet, not to avoid being dry. And I do the right thing because it is important to me to do what's right not to avoid being ashamed of failing to do what's right (for myself, as well as for others).

Regardless, I think that shame _can_ be used as a tool, but it _should_ be more of a big gun, as opposed to the default if it is going to be used at all. I'm very grateful that things have progressed since the old days! On the other hand, I really have no problem with a drill-sargent type of trainer who gets faster results _provided they do not just assume the level of trust required for that is a given_. The student and teacher need to build that level of trust. Optimal teaching requires constant judgments.

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