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Re: Poll: Have you modified your overall aikido training method due to injuries you've sustained?


yes. Charles is right. train like an old man so you can be one!

oh, notice my icon? hahaha

When I returned to aikido 1 1/2 years ago it was with the intent of letting it guide my healing. Watching people do ukemi on a movie at friend's house brought tears to my eyes.

So - our knees are very tough. Search for knee problems in your groin and lower back. I am releasing muscular bracing around some very painful groin injuries and my knees are becoming powerful again.

In training I find it more gratifying to topple powerful people doing hard attacks with maximum gentleness - then to drive them through the floor with a big kiai. Makes more sense for randori too.

But, I'm just sankyu in aikido. temper your assessment of my opinion.
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