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Re: Aikido vs....

Jean, in this respect I have to agree with Fooks.

I've done BJJ for a while and done Daito/Aikido with some Kito Ryu mixed in. The concepts are teh same since both are based on basic jujitsu - armbars always look the same but how you get there is a completely diffrent story. Movement is a pain in the butt until you get used to it. In theory you are right, but once you try it you gain an entirely new respect for ground-fighting.

Not to say that most of your techniques cannot be done on the ground. Kito is a style of groundfighting that was a sister-art of Daito, which aikido is based on. It is kinda like aiki-bjj, same principles, same hand motions, same type techniques, and most of the time you have your opponent neutralized in less that 30 sec.

Honestly I'll never go back to BJJ, it simply doesn't meet my criteria for what I am looking for. Great sport, better than no training at all, and you will get some legitimate skills there, but just not what I am looking for.
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