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Re: Poll: Have you modified your overall aikido training method due to injuries you'v

Don J. Modesto wrote:
. I submit that the typical aikido "warm up" isn't a warm up at all. Stretching is insufficient to the needs of the body for pliability and should be done at the end of class, not the beginning.
GOOD POINT! "warming up" is literally that, gross movements that elevate muscle temperature. To confuse matters further, I see folks going through large muscle groups range of motion, which IS warming up, and calling it stretching, which it is not.
Adaptations...lessee...knees: I don't even kneel to bow in, no seated technique, no techniques where my partner is loaded on me....
I ask partners to do kotegaishe to my lower forearm because the classic grip is right where my thumbs are painfully chronically subluxed....
My knee adaptations also mean that instead of back rolls I do across-the-shoulders back ukemi, and instead of standing straight up I always roll to a side and come up into horse stance....
And for now w/ a knee flareup, I 'm not really taking rolls/falls often....

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