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Re: Poll: Have you modified your overall aikido training method due to injuries you've sustained?

Nick Simpson wrote:
I've worked on aquiring softer ukemi due to being in near constant discomfort from too many hard breakfalls....)
UKEMI. Me, too.

I always arrive early to take a few laps around the mat so my body is warm, and thus more flexible. I submit that the typical aikido "warm up" isn't a warm up at all. Stretching is insufficient to the needs of the body for pliability and should be done at the end of class, not the beginning.

My injuries have also made me hesitant to really toss folk around for fear of them landing wrong or landing on someone else. This is a problem because I think they'll grow with harder throws--I did, Ikeda used to beat the **** out of us--but I don't really cream folks anymore.

I also consider carefully what I'm doing and not let myself get into that lost place where I'm just unconsciously running at people and encourage others to throw themselves into RANDORI, e.g., with less enthusiasm than they might otherwise do.

Once I've established that a partner can do an effective NIKYO, e.g., I'll go down faster than the technique is actually cranking me in order to reduce stress to affected joints.

Also, I'm unabashed in declining to do certain activities. Going on 20 years training and I still get hurt doing SUTEMI, so I step to the back of the mat when that technique is done, now.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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