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Re: World Games 2005 in Germany

I just came back from the 2005 World Games seminar.

I truly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to train under Doshu, Tessier sensei, Kobayashi sensei, Fujimoto sensei and Asai sensei.

The demonstrations by various Aikido groups from 12 different countries plus Asai sensei's and Doshu's demonstrations were breathtaking.

However, on the negative side, there were simply too many participants and not enough mat space to train. People were bumping into one another all over the place. I got kicked on the side of my head and stepped on several times.

The teachers are top-notched, but the facility is totally inadequate.
I am under the impression that the organizers of the seminar had underestimated the number of participants and came up short in terms of mat space.

I hope the organizers of the 2009 World games will learn from this experience and provide better facilities to accommodate the seminar participants.

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