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Re: Does Budo require a sense of shame?

David Valadez wrote:
That said, I think the danger of addressing our negative side in dojo that are incapable of supporting such efforts but have deluded themselves otherwise is a very real problem - one that has to be considered relevant to this topic. Even then, however, it would seem that a lack of shame is allowing such a dojo to delude itself in terms of what it is capable of doing and what it is not. It seems a lack of shame is preventing such a dojo from seeing how much destruction it is actually causing, how much alienation and neuroses it is actually reinforcing, how much spiritual immaturity it is cultivating for the sake of its own unchecked will to power, etc. Such a thing cannot be supported - and I hope to make it clear that my questions are not meant to be understood as such support.
Dear David,

What sort of dojo would be capable of supporting the endeavor of addressing it's students negative side? What would it be like in your opinion?


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