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Re: Does Budo require a sense of shame?

Great replies thus far. Excellent really. Thank you very much. Hope more folks chime in and/or more elaboration is offered up.

For the record, I perhaps should make it clear that I am referring here to an emotional content - thus I am referring to an internal sense of shame (not an external sense of shaming).

I hope to write more soon, but I thought I should state this now so that we don't go too far astray wondering about whether we are talking an internal level of investment (and its ensuing emotions) or an external level of institutional pressures (e.g. hazing). With the word "shame," I am trying to refer to a deeply personal and internal emotional response that is repulsive in nature and that is related to some aspects of our training in some very real and positive ways.

Again, thanks so much for the excellent reflections. Much appreciation. Hope to write more soon.


David M. Valadez
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