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Does Budo require a sense of shame?

Anthropologists, historians, and sociologists alike have noted the significance that shame plays in traditional Japanese culture. Does such an emotional content still play a significant role in our training of Budo? Should it?

Have we lost something or do we lose something when our training operates mainly or solely at a level of positive reinforcement? Does our training require at some level some kind of repulsive emotional energy and/or some kind of negative emotional force by which we are guided one way and not another?

Does mastery of something assume the presence of passion? Does not passion, as suggested in the Latin origin of the word, assume the presence of a kind of suffering? If so, can we really penetrate the depths of our art through joy alone?

If more than joy is required, should we expect our dojo to have discourses and/or techniques (e.g. pedagogy) that help us as modern citizens that prone to many levels of alienation demarcate the path of progress through repulsion (e.g. a healthy dose of shame) from the path of further alienation and/or depression (e.g. "I suck." "I will never be any good.")? What might these discourses and/or techniques be?

Does Budo require of us a healthy dose of shame (i.e. the presence of a repulsive energy that is firmly connected to a positive energy - both of which are aimed at the same end or in the same direction) in order for us to truly penetrate its depths? Does a preoccupation with joy, fun, entertainment, peace, and a lack of suffering (i.e. things that mark "wellness" in the modern world) prevent us from penetrating Budo's depths - condemning us to cycle of superficial investments that yield only superficial results?

What say you?

Thanks in advance,

David M. Valadez
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