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Re: Poll: Does the philosophy of aikido need to be explicitly discussed during class

Charles Hill wrote:
Second is, I would like to ask you and Yann for where you got your information.
I got my information from books on Aikido, mainly Nariyama's, Albright's and Ueshiba's. Plus things that I have gathered over the years on this board. talking to other Aikidoka and articles. Sadly, I don't have the time to do proper references for all the post I write.

Charles Hill wrote:
Also, Yann, my study has shown me that Osensei really didn't change much over the years. aikido Journal has some great stuff, interview and articles showing that the "hell dojo" and Iwama were not that different.
Are you telling me that a man in his 30s and a man in his 70s can do the same level of physical training? Or are you saying that Ueshiba never changed anything from day one when the Kami enlightened him with Aikido? ...

Evolution is a good thing. Otherwise, we still would be in caves hitting eachother with clubs -- Now, we live in big concreeted steel block and have M1 Abrams tanks to blow the hell of out each other. COOL!!! *grins evilly*.

Okay, seriously now. The only core value of Aikido I have seen between all the people who practice it is: Blend with the attacker and thrown or pin said attacker so that no harm is done to either parties. I'd add that there are maybe 20/25 Aikido techniques (with hundred of application) and that this makes "Aikido". Different styles have different emphasis, that's all.

Of course, anyone can define Aikido to be exactly what they are doing for whatever reasons. *shrugs* I don't really care.

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