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Hi Erik;

Warren was the guy who spent the year at Honbu.

Tomiki developed a system of training he called Shodokan. It is not just a collection of kata sets but drills, exercises, kyu grade waza, the junanahon and variations and of course the Koryu no kata - all designed to develope a reasonable set of skill in a fairly short time. Of course there is a lifetime of learning but it really was geared to the university crowd - you have three years to get them hooked.

Warren was immersed in that, trained hard and from what I heard improved a lot. He now outranks Sean but make no mistake the latter is the main guy - he should have graded long ago. I would really try to meet Sean.

AikidoJounal sells a video. From what I hear Nariyama is not completely pleased with it but it should give you an idea.

a) there is better footage of Tomiki and Ohba - we have two old men going through the waza.

b) there are better examples of randori but hey my Aikibudo teacher was impressed.

c) ignore the lady doing the Koryu goshin no kata, its as bad as it looks.

We have a young Nariyama doing randori (at least I think its him) and he gives a demo at the end. There are also some good Embu performances by the students.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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