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Originally posted by PeterR
Hi Erik

I notice from your profile that you are in the Bay area - if by Tomiki Dojo your mean the Berkley dojo of Sean Flynn you found a really good group.
I didn't actually meet Sean, rather I caught a Warren P..... whose last name eludes me right this second. Seemed like good people. I'll pass along your regards the next time I visit.

If they train like they do at Honbu I applaud your willingness to return. The drills and method can be quite disconcerting to most Aikikai people but once you get used to it the beauty of Tomiki's system get's to make itself felt. I would bet good money that my explorations of Aikikai dojos was far easier than what you went through.
Disconcerting is a very fair word. Virtually everything is done with just enough difference that to do it the Tomiki way became a constant adventure. From taking off the hakama, to the stretching routines, the kata expectations, etc... None of it was really exactly new, but at the same time, all of it was new in it's own way. I think you would win your bet in most Aikikai dojos.

The only real problem I had with Aikikai dojos are those silly back roles. Uggh - I hate them.
I noticed that. You guys slap out. You know, not everyone rolls that way. I happen to roll but some folks don't. They do this kind of funky thing that I can't describe and come right back up to standing. It feels way weird to me but some people like it.

One thing I'm curious about. I'd like to see a competition or videos of Tomiki Aikido at fairly high ranks. My understanding is that to pull that off this year I'd have to fly to Japan which won't be happening. Any alternative suggestions?
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