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Charles Hill
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Re: Poll: Does the philosophy of aikido need to be explicitly discussed during class for the training to be "aikido"?

Hi David,

Please call me Charles. If you say Mr. Hill, I look around for my dad. Two points. the first and most important is that my whole post is my opinion, there is no reason to balk. Second is, I would like to ask you and Yann for where you got your information. What are these universal truths that O'Sensei found and where does it say that he encouraged us to do the same? I have noticed that a lot of things are put in his mouth that if you read material directly quoted from him and documented the other stuff rings false. Also, Yann, my study has shown me that O'Sensei really didn't change much over the years. aikido Journal has some great stuff, interview and articles showing that the "hell dojo" and Iwama were not that different. does it matters? well, it does to me, but I'm known to be a little weird.

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