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Hi Erik

I notice from your profile that you are in the Bay area - if by Tomiki Dojo your mean the Berkley dojo of Sean Flynn you found a really good group.

Sean is exceptional and a friend. One of his members just got back from a year at Honbu and I trained with two other of his students who visited Japan while I am here. Next time you visit pass on my regards to the club - all the ones I have met (also at the US Nationals last year) are good people.

If they train like they do at Honbu I applaud your willingness to return. The drills and method can be quite disconcerting to most Aikikai people but once you get used to it the beauty of Tomiki's system get's to make itself felt. I would bet good money that my explorations of Aikikai dojos was far easier than what you went through.

The only real problem I had with Aikikai dojos are those silly back roles. Uggh - I hate them.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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