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Re: Relating Aikido and Christianity

@ Matthew Materazzi:

Dear Matthew,
you are taking bits and pieces out of context to prove that I am wrong but you ignore those passages, I quoted. If you want to take the bible literally, don't miss any word. Otherwise it would be you to decide when Jesus said the truth, and when he lied. And there are contradictions.

Well I did more or less the same. I had some kind of illumination that raised my believes. But I do not expect an objective truth in the bible, I take it as essays written by men (and probably women) for men and women as a guideline. If there are passages that are contrary to my opinion, I take them as challenges. If I find profound support, it is even better. And I do not believe at all, that my goodness will provide me salvation, but only and exclusive the love of God. And as He loves all mankind (or Jesus died for the salvation of all mankind) we are all blessed by God and will receive - or already have received "eternal life", not only a few chosen ones. My religion does only help me in seeing this.
And the support, I told about, I got by a well educated catholic monk, although I am Protestant.
On my own I would probably be lost in a "quoting duel", or we would quote all the holy book up and down (unfortunately I have only three different German versions) and we would both have our opinions.

Yours mislead Dirk

@Robert Fox
Yes, what I wrote is somewhat skewed, and I abbreviated a lot, as this is not my theological "masterpiece". But you can either take Christianity simple, taking what you have believed as a child and do not think too much about it, or it is somewhat skewed.
And Augustinus was just an example I got in mind to illustrate that if you want to take the bible literally, you will get into trouble. You cannot read everything out of it but so many different things, and some passages might be good but can be totally misinterpreted especially if taken out of context. And if you go beyond bible, it will get even worse. San Francesco from Assisi talked to animals. Well, everybody may talk to his pets and other animals, but if a priest would do it nowadays as San Francesco did, he would be taken as ill, or even banned from preaching, I guess. Just another simple example.

Kind regards Dirk
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