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Re: Relating Aikido and Christianity

Robert Fox wrote:

Getting back onto the main topic, I sincerely believe that, as a Christian, all you should need is the Bible, the Holy Spirit and walking daily with Jesus. Everything else is window dressing and can lead to distractions away from your Christian life. The Bible is actually specific about not being involved with ANY activity that leaves you open to "possession by unclean spirits", using such terms as 'enchantment', 'divination', and 'sorcery' (I have the scripture references if you want to look them up). This includes certain practices such as Zen meditation. (I know that Zen is not specifically mentioned in the Bible, but the concept regarding the practices is).

I suspect, Robert, that you have a third-hand report of Zen practice rather than seeing or doing it. Zen is nothing more than learning to leave your every day mind alone and not to burden it with attachments or the imposition of desires.

I need not look too far for a problem with unclean spirits, of course, since, as a sinner, I am one. So if I deal effectively with the one immediately here by such grace, I trust I ought to be pretty efffectively dealing with those more remote.

Zen would express this differently, of course with the same effect. Even relatively noble attachments can be seductions from truth, and in some cases more powerfully seductive. "If you meet the Buddha on the road -- kill him." I trust it would deal less kindly with the odd demon.

As Saito Shihan once said of certain seemingly esoteric effects of aikido on his uke, "It's not magic, it's technique." The same is true of Zen, as well as the Shinto practices of chinkon kishin, its related misogi, and kotodama, which O Sensei actively practiced.


Erick Mead
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