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Re: Aikido vs....

If you believe that aikido has all the answers, then you have found your home and you are a lucky man.

There are others that don't agree and there are even others that feel aikido isn't asking the right questions these days.

I tend to agree with the poiunt I think Mr. Fooks is trying to make which is... it seems like it takes significantly longert training in aikido to find the answers that are found more quickly through other arts. I chalk this up more to training methods rather than the art itself but to each their own.

My main comment though goes back to those that ask the "aikido vs. ???????" question on an internet forum. The only way I see for anyone to really answer that question is to go to a ??????? dojo and find out. If you really want to know how aikido fairs against BJJ, then head on over and take a free introductory class. No need to tell them why. Of course you might actually have to invest a few dollars and maybe even a month of training to get a complete answer, but then you wouldl actually know for yourself rather than reading what a bunch of strangers think.

Of course you may argue that the only answer you can get is how one persons aikido fairs against a small sample of BJJ at one school. But hopefully that will illuminate how silly the original question really is.

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