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Re: Relating Aikido and Christianity

Matthew Materazzi wrote:
Jesus is the only way to heaven. Christianity does not teach us to get in harmony with God's spirit by loving our neighbour as ourselves...that is what Jesus does through us, without us even realizing it. What Christianity teaches us is that with Christ is the only way to get in harmony with God's Spirit. (...)
Oh, yes "without even realizing it" is good. What if you might meet even those fellows, who did not even realize that there was a guy called Jesus?

In Matthew 7,21 Jesus says: "Not everyone calling me: Lord, Lord! will reach heaven.." And in Matthew 25, 31 through 46 you can read that it is your behaviour to other human beings, that decides if you will get ethernal life or damnation.
In the end Jesus died, and thus released all mankind from their sins. So while I accept to "meet" a lot of mafiosi and other criminal in heaven, just by them being Christian, why shouldn't I find Mahathma Ghandi there, who did well know about Christianity and still stayed Hindu, or some jungle born men and women, who did never hear about Jesus Christ or God, Jahwe, Allah, but live a life as peaceful as we ever can think about?

Or do you really think, Augustinus was right to torture people for baptism just to save their souls - and have many of them killed afterwards so that they could not review and deny? That would be the logical result of misinterpreting your first sentence.

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