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Originally posted by PeterR
Not so strangely when I began visiting Aikikai dojos several uke would not attack until I had assumed a certain kamae or conversely, when I remembered wrong as uke were not able to deal with the attack. This is not a function of us guys being anal just different.
Understood and I agree actually. I was thinking the other day about how many dojos/students wind up practicing the foot goes here, the hand here, doing it that way every time and missing the basics such as hips, extension etc... Tweak the attack a bit and who knows what's going to happen...probably nothing good.

One thing which I thought they did a nice job of was emphasizing the fundamentals. It brought me back to some things I'd gotten a bit sloppy with. While I'm really not interested in a steady diet, I think an occasional visit would be exceptional as a reminder/refresher course (meant in a very positive way). I certainly found it useful.

I agree and that is why Shodokan balances kata with randori training. Conversely in schools which are much more unstructured you often get sloppy aikido.
The hours I could spend on this topic.

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