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Adam Alexander
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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

Michael Fooks wrote:
Ok I'm really trying not to be rude here but you're making it hard. If this is not something you are training then your training is deficient. It's called henka waza. You may be going for ikkyo ura but don't get underneath the elbow so switch to kote gaeshi. Someone may be resisting your juji nage so you switch to shiho nage. There's a limitless range of possibilities but there's also a number of techniques with specific relationships to other techniques depending on how uke is responding. The idea of flowing from one tech to another as uke changes their engergy lines is what makes aikido aikido. The two step drills we do are to teach basic techniques and concepts. In an active jiyu waza against an uke who isn't tanking you need to be much more flexible. This isn't something you must train.
Yeah, I think training like that is the "dance" people think Aikido's becoming.
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