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Adam Alexander
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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

Michael Fooks wrote:
Having said all that to re address the original topic of the thread. The reason cross trainng came into I think, and is a valid part of the discussion is because, if as an Akidoka you are going to make claims about Aikido being able to handle anything, it behooves you to aquaint yourself with some other arts to understand what that "anything" may entail. Otherwise you're certainly in the realm of exagerration. Note this doesn't have to be cross training but could be the odd visit to or from another club.
Then what about Shioda's 'if you need to see what else is out there, everytime someone devises a new technique, you'll be helpless?' (obviously paraphrased. If I recall correctly, it's from Aikido Shugyo).
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