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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

Jorge Garcia wrote:
Lastly, I don't think a person should cross train until he or she has completely learned the basics of their art and developed that somewhat. .
While I agree with this to a certain degree, (I suspect my threshold for when someone has a good enough handle to start cross traiing is lower), let's remember that the divisions between the arts is somewhat artificial. Specialisation is a relatively modern phenomena and, as Heinlen says, for insects

Which is also kind of my next point, you list a couple of arts you cross train in, apparantly because of their relation to, or enhancement of your aikido. I cross train BJJ and am on of those who will argue that it is aikido in a ground setting. But I think if you talk to any one who cross trains in any two arts they are likely to emphasise the similarities between the arts rather than the differences. Because I suspect everything is more closely related than we often realise.

Having said all that to re address the original topic of the thread. The reason cross trainng came into I think, and is a valid part of the discussion is because, if as an Akidoka you are going to make claims about Aikido being able to handle anything, it behooves you to aquaint yourself with some other arts to understand what that "anything" may entail. Otherwise you're certainly in the realm of exagerration. Note this doesn't have to be cross training but could be the odd visit to or from another club.

Thanks for a good post.

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