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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

I think you can get nidan in Japan in just over 2 years. In some places, basically anyone - no matter how just barely passable their technique is, you can get a nidan. Most people believe the rubber meets the road at sandan. (Like there are typically people who have been nidan for like 15 years who will never go for sandan - ever.) Unfortunately, once someone hits sandan, many people start turning the ranks into measurements of "time in" and "loyalty" as opposed to ability to do things beyond the way you used to do them. (They become experts of the "shu" level, and run away from any mention of "ha" with their eyes closed tightly, their hands over their ears, yelling "la la la la la ...")

I mention this because while I totally agree with the "pro" side of cross training mentioned here (that it helps you get a much better perspective of martial arts and fighting) I want to bring up the "con" side that in the interest of being battle ready, people tend to only deconstruct just enough to gain a degree of effectiveness from a small degree of flexibility and their new found changed-thinking. Then, unfortunately, to stay battle ready it's really hard to give any of that new found effectiveness up to actually continue to make more progress. They get stuck in the "shu+" level or really graduate to the "shu++" level. But in the big picture, they are stuck too. They just get to feel better about themselves because "shu++" is much better than being stuck in the plain old "shu" level. In my opinion, they really should be thinking about how do I take this to the "ha" level - if they are going to claim to be on a "path" as opposed to a "place".

I don't mean to attack anyone specifically. I've just seen it a lot - a real lot. My suggestion is to consider that you might want to get all the way into the "ha" level before cross training, and simply hold your tung about your opinions of other arts until you've crossed trained in them.


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