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Re: Aikido Urban Legends, Stories, and Myths

Brenda Allen wrote:
Once upon a time, three students of various martial arts were discussing the various merits of their respective arts. Of course, each claimed that their own was better than the others. Finally, the doka selected a contest to determine the best of the arts.

The student of karate stated that he would go first. He stood in the center of a busy roadway and waited for the approaching vehicle. With a mighty chop, he stopped the first oncoming passenger vehicle dead with a mighty chop.

The judoka was up next. He positioned himself in the road way. As the truck approached, he set himself, and then threw the truck with a mighty shrug.

The aikido student was concerned. The karate student had stopped a car. The judo student had thrown the truck. A bus full of passengers came barreling down the road.

The aikidoka concentrated, stepped off center and the bus passed by.........all the passengers safe.
The aikidoka line up patiently at the bus stop just like all other passengers, boarded the bus, gave the conductor a mighty aiki-smile, started some small talk with him, made friends with the driver, conductor and all on board... and they like him so much they decided not to charge a penny and invited him to come on board the bus anytime in future free of charge.

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