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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

Hi Again Jean
I've just happened across your introduction post from earlier this year which has answered a couple of our questions. Specifically I see you've been training 3-4 years and list as one of your reasons to train the ability to fight. That raises a couple of questions in my mind.
1. When the people who are telling you they beleive Aikido is not a magic bullet have significantly more training experience, do you think telling them that their beliefs come from not enough trainng is really a sensible approach?
2. Given that you've said you're doing aikido for fighting purposes, wouldn't it make sense to look at other fighers and what they are doing. Maybe have a friendly knockabout with a wrestler or judoka to get a feel for what it feels like to face attacks from people with a different approach.

Please understand I'm not trying to attack you personally. I know where you're coming from. After 3 years training I know I held similar beliefs. But then I started talking, and more importantly listening to more people outside Aikdo and decided to give something else a go. What I found
1. Those early beliefs I had about how fighting works in theory, had only a passing resemblence to reality.
2. Cross training helped my Aikido immensely
3. Cross training if anything, increased my love for Aikido

I think there's alot of people in the Aikido community who are scared of cross training becuase they think it will take away from aikido. I strongly disagree - done properly it enhances it enourmously.
I've given alot of thought to how Aikido training methods might be changed to offer more resistance, more aliveness etc. The conclusion I've come to is that they can't. Aikido can never have a sparring component like Judo or BJJ without sacrificing much of what it is. (cue shudothugs). But that's all right, the techniques can still be effective. The thing is though they are much more likely to be if the artist in question has also trained ina sparring art. I'm finally starting to get what people mean when they talk about "alive" arts being able to give you a delivery system for techniques that have not been trained with "aliveness"

In summary, please don't think we're beating up on you. Many of us have been where you are, and we're just trying to save you some of the time it took us to start to understand how the theory works in the real world.

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