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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

I'm saying, that it's okay to tell beginners that Aikido offers the framework that could make you able to take on whoever/whatever. However, the whether or not you (the beginner we're talking to) have what it takes to do that...who's to say....but Aikido is the framework.
Yea, maybe the framework...but framework is a long way from reality. I'd personally say this:

1. what is "reality" in your perception.
2. Why do you want or need to train for this reality.
3. Aikido is a DO art, therefore meant to use martial arts as a methodology to convey the way of aiki...not learn how to fight based on your reality. Skill gained are secondary. If "reality" fighting is your primary goal, then find another art that makes it the primary goal.

There are much better ways to learn to destroy, hurt, or whoop up on somebody than the Way of Harmony and peace.
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